Hi, hello!

Suspend Belief is the passion project of two long-time friends, who, after many phone calls talking about all of the political polarization around them, decided to tackle it head-on in podcast form.

The main goal of our show is to provide a space to encounter stories & opinions from multiple sides of our most polarizing political & social issues, with the hope that you might "suspend your beliefs" on a subject & consider a new perspective—if only for the span of an episode. By the end you very well may jump back to your original opinion—but hey, how cool to have bent the mind & flirted with something new? We thought so, anyway. Try it out for yourself with one of our latest episodes & let us know how it goes.

Meet the Co-Hosts.

Cheryl Walker

A magazine writer and Literature enthusiast residing in sunny Colorado, Cheryl has a deep love for the human experience and for learning about it through stories and storytelling. She looks forward to exploring and expanding the ways in which she tells stories by working with them in audio form.

Stephen Gamboa

Stephen is former healthcare policy analyst in Washington, DC, but is a New Mexico native (that's where he met Cheryl!). Currently he is pursuing a Masters in Public Health at Columbia University in New York City. After dabbling in a few political organizations in college, he became both confused by and obsessed with how often we forget to reach common ground when communicating about social and political issues. That's what brought him to this podcast!

You can follow him on Twitter @MrStephenGamboa .