Episode 6: Grading Teachers

Quick Facts:

  1. Elementary and Secondary Education

    1. As of fall 2015, 50.1 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools (35.2 million will be in prekindergarten through grade 8). This number is slightly larger than students who entered the 2014 school year.

    2. Expenditures:

      1. According to National Center for Education Reform: Total Public School Expenditures: $607.2 Billion, about $13,000 per person.

  2. Teachers:

    1. Fall 2015: Public School systems will employ about 3.1 million full time teachers with a 16.0:1.0 Student/Teacher ratio (same as 2000 ratio)

    2. National average for elementary and middle school teachers: $56,240 ($58,000 for HS)

    3. In the US, 14% of new teachers resign by the end of the first year; 33% leave by the end of the third year; and almost 50% leave by the end of the fifth year.

  3. New Mexico:

    1. The average salary for a NM is $46,573. HERE is the map of averages. There are 5 states that have a lower average salary than NM - West Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and South Dakota.

      1. Albuquerque Public Schools Salary Stats:

        1. Top five earning teachers earn $77,258 (Teachers making this much have been working 30+ years)

        2. Average salary for Albuquerque Public Schools (Janelle's school district) is $43,000.

        3. Teachers in New Mexico are paid based on a three-tier licensure system, combined with years of experience. Tier 1 teachers make a minimum salary of $30,000, Tier 2 teachers make at least $40,000 and Tier 3 teachers make at least $50,000.

    2. On a Huffington Post/Wallethub ranking, NM is currently ranked 46th for education. In the early years of Janelle's teaching, it had been ranked 49th.

      1. PARCC Testing in NM

        1. New Mexico Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera says that one of the large appeals of PARCC is the ability to measure NM against other states taking the test.

        2. “As other states’ exam results start to roll in — so far showing New Mexico ranks at the bottom of scores that are dismal overall — the number of states participating in the PARCC consortium is dwindling.” -Santa Fe New Mexican (Spring of 2016: only 6 states are administering in comparison to 11 last spring)

        3. State Issues:
          Some of the unintended consequences of Common Core (like
          increased testing of students and the decision to let testing affect teacher pay) are state and local responses to the federal law, not direct mandates of the law around Common Core. NMTEACH (details here ) is New Mexico's own personal evaluation system for its teachers, not Common Core's.

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Posted on February 6, 2016 .